Founded in 2007 by David Olarte, Stilo dance company is a multi-faceted group that exists as both a performance team and as a community-centered, research-based educational entity. Stilo’s roots lie in Latin social dance, but they pride themselves on breaking the rules and blurring the lines between Afro-Cuban Folklorico, contemporary/modern, and traditional Latin styles. This holistic approach places the most value on connection, listening, and finding authentic movement in social dance. Stilo aims to empower both their team members and their students to formulate their own improvisations and to explore unique ways of defining Latin body movement. Stilo’s approach to instruction is based in a participatory style that values each student’s individual journey of self-discovery. A robust backdrop of polished technique and cultural context lays the groundwork for a broader experience of informal learning, exploration, and collaboration in an immersive environment.

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